Mom Wow T -shirt
Mom Wow T -shirt
Mom Wow T -shirt
Mom Wow T -shirt
Mom Wow T -shirt

Mom Wow T -shirt

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Lump: 1-2 years 80-90 cm
1-2 years 80-90 cm
3-4 years 95-105 cm
5-6 years 105-115 cm
7-8 years 120-125 cm
9-10 years 130-140 cm
11-12 years 145-150 cm
S 85-90 chest
M 90-95 cm chest
L 95-100 cm chest
XL 100-110 chest
XXL 115-130 chest
XXXL 130-145 chest
Light blue

Girl's t -shirts in white, black and pink to the XL are enthalled and the rest of sizes and colors are unisex cut.

How we like to give a different touch to our looks carrying this t -shirt. We will feel like authentic Queens!

Ideally, with a cowboy, a Chinese or with a skirt we will be fabulous and marking trend.

Its composition is 100% cotton

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